CRM – Improve Customer Retention

If you strive for higher car counts, want to attract returning customers, and get better results from your marketing…

Then you need:

A Predictive Analytics Tracking CRM, which ages every part, lubricant, and fluid of your customers´vehicles by the miles they drive per day. They will unquestionably trust your service recommendations, always.

I have looked at multiple other CRM’s and they just can’t do what SI CRM does. If you want the best, go with SI – CRM.” 

~Tyler Casteel
Garrett Tire and Auto Center

SI Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

How using a predictive service tracking analytics CRM

Increases Your Repair Shop Sales

Provide timely and authoritative communication to your customers will appreciate and pay attention to.

Instead of the generic year, make and model service alerts, your customers will know exactly what services are due now or in the future, based on their actual daily mileage and service history

Your customers will love your attention to detail and the best maintenance plan you have provided them!

3 Steps To Increase Your Repair Shop Sales With Predictive Service Tracking CRM


Step 1

Identify Service Needs

Your computer digs deep into your customer’s service history to identify their service needs, now or in the future, based on their daily mileage.


Step 2

Communicate Service Needs

Your customers will love how you accurately communicate predictive service needs with transparency. 

Step 3

Effortlessly Sell Services

Vehicle owners trust previous service history and daily miles driven. As a result, they come in ready to buy the services they need from you.

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Postcard Samples | Service Reminders – Back


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