All too often repair shop managers or owners have blinders on. They make the mistake thinking that because they are busy, they are successful. Only when they do their monthly financials, do they realize that their profits are not as good as they thought. The reason for low profitability is often traced back to a type of customer.

I made this same exact mistake in my business

It wasn’t until I defined who my dream customers were that I was able to weed out the customers that were not as profitable, and began to attract the ones that were. You need to do this same thing in your repair shop if you want to see financial success.

Your repair shop bays should be full of high-profit customers

So who are these dream customers that will pay us fairly for our services? I wish I could give you the easy answer. But you need to map this out for your own shop. Trust me and follow my lead. I will show you how and it will be worth it, as afterwards, you will have a clear picture of who they are and how to target market to them in particular. The plan is to develop 3-5 different dream customer profiles.

Define your dream customer

  • Name: Jane Doe
  • Age range: 32
  • Marital Status: Yes
  • Kids: 2+
  • What area of town do they live? Within 5 miles in mid class suburb (name it)
  • What area of town do they work? Within 10 miles of the shop, south of downtown
  • What is their average salary? $45,000 +
  • What do they like to do in their spare time? Kids sports, parks, sports events (name them)
  • What local stores do they shop at? Walmart, toys r us, local play center, restaurant’s (name them)
  • What social media accounts would they use the most? Facebook, Twitter, Yelp
  • What local groups, affiliations or organizations do they belong to? Church, the kids soccer team, block parents
  • Do they have pets? Cats, dogs or horses
  • What are their biggest concerns in life? Providing a good life for her family, educating the kids?
  • How do they use their vehicles? How much do they drive? For what reasons? Is the vehicle for long-term or short-term ownership? Is it a leased vehicle?
  • How many miles do a day they drive? 57?
  • What is their biggest concern with their vehicle? Is the objective to keep it reliable? Not wanting new car payments until the kids are older.
  • How old is their vehicle? 7 – 10 years old?

Do you see how powerful this is?

By building a customer profile you can better serve their needs. You can deliver the kind of service they want. You will know how to effectively market to them.

The idea is that when a customer comes to your shop, you need a process to quickly identify which customer profile they are. Then you will quickly understand how to best serve them and tailor your approach to sell the services they really need. This is when the magic happens. You start managing their needs and let them do the buying.

Next article I will go into more detail about how we attract our dream customers to our shops and have them buy more as a result. If you have any comments or questions, please email me at [email protected]. I would love to hear what you have to say.




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