Auto Repair Shop Success Secrets

Episode 6 – Is your opinion losing you auto repair service sales?

As reputable auto repair shops, we want the best for our customers. As such we give our opinions on the services they need, which is the very thing that could be causing us to lose the sale.


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Mike Cooper

Entrepreneur, marketologist & profitability coach.

Call: 310-984-3501 ext 109

Email: [email protected]

Host: Mike Cooper

Mike is your guide to auto repair shop success. With over 10 years in coaching on marketing, advertising, and sales, Mike is a passionate entrepreneur and gifted marketologist.

He founded, built and sold his first carpet cleaning business in four years. His entrepreneurial success is at the heart of his coaching philosophy.

Mike trained and coached hundreds of automotive professionals with actionable, real-wold steps to implement technology, social media and targeted marketing that impacts independent automotive repair shops with a positive cash-flow.

Mike helps shop owners/managers navigate through the complex landscape of today's automotive Aftermarket service business challenges with common sense best-practices.



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