The competition is stiff out there – every shop is trying to “woo” the right kind of customer – the one who takes all of your recommendations, pays their bills on time. They refer their family and friends, and trust you implicitly, right?

These customers are Ideal, and through trial and error in our own shop, we have discovered the formula that allows you to:

Get more of the ideal customers you want

Our research has proven over and over again that these are the three things your shop needs in order to attract more ideal customers. This was not only true for the shop we had but all of our customers since then using the SIAutoPro system.

Your customers have to trust you – without a doubt in any area.

Customers who are ready to spend their hard earned money on maintaining their vehicles can go to whomever they want – any shop will take their money.  But, your ideal customers come to you because they trust you above all others. Developing this trust is the key element to expanding your customer base of more ideal customers.

Their experience in your shop needs to stand above the rest.

Your shop is a place of pride – it is where you showcase your best talents, your top-class mechanic team, and your superior customer service and attention.  Make sure that every customer leaves feeling as a “part of the family” and well-cared for in all areas – they will become your loyal ideal customers.

You need to establish a unique selling position for your shop.

Not only does the experience your customers have at the shop need to be excellent, but it also needs to be unique. Your customers need to know what you offer is unique to your shop, and they will not get that same service anywhere else.

These can all be accomplished by doing this…

Service need consulting! This is exactly what Facebook does when it serves you ads for products and services it knows you need. Or when Netflix shows you show suggestions based on your viewing history. You can do the same thing for your shop!

  1. Find all previous performed history
  2. Chart out all services needed to maintain their vehicle(s)
  3. Age all services by the miles they drive per day
  4. Determine if services are needed or not, based on your conclusions.

This “fleet tracking” system works, we have proven it. But who has time to do all of that?

Auto repair shop software like is the answer to getting service need conclusions with a click of a button. is unique to the market, our product is a companion to your Shop Management System, is the ONLY system that can determine all of the recurring service maintenance needs for a vehicle, based on the miles it is driven daily and its’ complete service history.

The program mines all of the data from your Shop Management System, helps you to set the service intervals according to your shop protocol, and then combines that with vehicle-specific mileage and details, and you have yourself a “Ideal” winning ticket!

Check it out here, we offer a Non-Obligation trial for 30 days if you are interested.

We help your shop to beat out their competition, win the loyalty and trust of their customers and get all of the best referrals every day…you are missing out!

They will refer their friends and family, the moment you win them over.

The most valuable referral is word-of-mouth from someone you trust and respect.  These ideal customers can send their “Equally Ideal Customer” friends and family members to you.  Remember that every one of them can exponentially generate at least 10 more customers, of equal loyalty and quality.


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eServiceIntelligence "Auto Care Made Easy", previously licensed and distributed under the Mitchell1™ and Snap-On™, adds machine intelligent CRM that mimics service-writer maintenance tracking. It is designed for automotive service computer systems like Mitchell1 Manager™/Shop Key™, R.O. Writer™, AllData™, MaxxTraxx™, Costar™, Lankar™, PACE Yes™, NapaTracs™, and others. No data entry required.



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