Let´s make the “Gossip” about your auto repair shop the best there is…

Honestly, your customers can go anywhere they want for auto service, right?  They will keep coming back to you as long as they feel cared for, connected to you and respected.  We realize that these are not “scientific” formulas for spending ones´ hard-earned dollars on car repairs, but it is proven that most people spend their money based on emotional motivations. It is only after the purchase that they usually try to justify it with facts.

Sell your services with emotional stories, then justify their purchase decision with facts.

In order to sell more services, you need to look into the future and tell the story to your customers what could happen if they didn’t buy the service. Don’t get me wrong, I am not telling you to make up lies or hold your customer hostage. Rather, I am asking you to paint a picture of what could happen.

The same recommendation, which one will sell more?

  1. “Your battery is 5 years old and could die any day now, would you like a new one?”.
  2. “We noticed your battery is near the end of its´ lifecycle. We should really change that for you today. The thing with batteries is you never know when it’s going to die. You could be in a rush to get to work and it won’t start for you, making you late for work, you lose some wages and costs more to get a tow to the shop. It could also create a safety risk for you if it dies and leaves you stranded on the side of the road. It’s not something I would risk on my vehicle, but this is not my vehicle. No pressure, you let me know what you want to do.”

It takes a bit more practice and a bit more time with the customer, but by telling a story, asking your customer to imagine what it would look like if their battery died on them, you will close a lot more sales.

Now that you have created that “emotionally motivating” experience at your shop, you help them justify their purchase decision with facts.

Now that you have explained the negative effects of their battery dying on them, you need to reassure them that without a shadow of a doubt, that battery is due to be changed today. You need to show them that the service recommendations you offer ARE scientifically-calculated based on services history and miles driven per day. Instantly, you turn their front counter experience into an unforgettable exchange of trust, transparency and expert advice.  They will never go anywhere else!

The easiest and fastest way to do this is with Service Intelligence.  It is the only predictively analytic, data-mining software in the auto industry currently, that can tell you with total accuracy what parts, fluids and lubricants need to be changed, renewed or replaced in every customer´s car.

Generic Service Recommendations, provide generic service sale results.

If Mrs. Smith drives 65 miles per day and Mrs. Jones drives 10 per day, and they have the same, make and model of car, then their recurring service maintenance needs are completely different – not at all the same, based on their vehicle data.  Wouldn’t you rather be able to tell each of them that this particular list of service necessary is specifically for them, in particular?  Not a generic, general recommendation that is thrown out to all vehicle owners, do we have your attention yet?

Imagine that you can tell Mrs. Smith, exactly when she needs her tires rotated, her timing belt changed, her transmission flushed and her brake pads switched out? – and those recommendations will be based on her UNIQUE previous service history and how many miles she drives per day – not on the manufacturer’s generic recommendations.

…this is your key to that “emotionally motivating” front desk experience for your customers, which keeps them coming back forever and sending all their friends and family. By knowing the exact services needed, you have the foundation of the story you need to bring your customer through to increase your service sales. The foundation of facts is what justifies the sale.

Your customers will begin purchasing all of your recommended services, as they know you will not suggest they purchase anything they do not need – as you have the SCIENTIFIC data with Service Intelligence Point of Sale reports, to show them  EXACTLY what they need, and when they do or do not need it.

Check Service Intelligence out here – sign up for your 30-Day Trial, without obligation and get the Shop Gossip moving in your favor!

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eServiceIntelligence "Auto Care Made Easy", previously licensed and distributed under the Mitchell1™ and Snap-On™, adds machine intelligent CRM that mimics service-writer maintenance tracking. It is designed for automotive service computer systems like Mitchell1 Manager™/Shop Key™, R.O. Writer™, AllData™, MaxxTraxx™, Costar™, Lankar™, PACE Yes™, NapaTracs™, and others. No data entry required.


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