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Great product. Responsive support team. Comments:Increased sales by being able to clearly show customers needed maintenance AND what's not due. Increased trust by reassuring them we really aren't trying to sell unneeded service. Helps us develop maintenance programs for our customers.ProsDoesn't just say a customer is past due for a service using a rigid pre-set list. Actually uses the vehicle's history for specific maintenance items and intervals we set to show customers what they need AND how long until what's not needed on current visit. The printed form is a great tool for interviewing customers about maintenance history as well as educating them on service needs and intervals. I've looked at quite a few automotive CRM systems and SI is the unique standout.ConsPricing structure is done as module add-ons. Seems pricy to me. Just offer a basic level and a pro level and be done.Review Response:eAutoClub - 2018-07-16Thanks for your great and honest review Christian. We love working with top shops like yours and hope to build a long lasting relationship with you.

I made an additional $10,000 in the first 19 days! “I am a MaxxTraxx user and have used ServiceIntelligence for 19 days. I made an additional $10,000 in revenue so far from presenting the ServiceIntelligence Point-of-Sale reports to the customers at the front counter. Before ServiceIntelligence, I used safety inspection worksheets but it was difficult to get customers to buy recommended service. Now, when I print out the reports from ServiceIntelligence, customers accept recommendations and purchase more services because the computer is unbiased and generated what is needed for their car with accuracy. Two examples: Ford truck came in for a transmission issue, told him what was wrong with the transmission plus showed him the SI report regarding the radiator hoses needing to be change after four years and the customer bought all the water hoses, $1600 worth. Then a new Lexus with 16,000 miles came in for an oil change, according to the SI report she had not had a wheel alignment and balancing ever done on her car listed under the “No History” section. The customer bought the wheel alignment and balancing also. She spent $250 instead of $30 for just the oil change. I have used DemandForce and was interested in Customer Link when Rex at MaxxTraxx suggested I give ServiceIntelligence a try. I have been in business for a long time and this is the best Customer Retention company I have ever used! I am a believer in ServiceIntelligence and will be with them for a long time! I highly recommend

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Awesome program that supercharges my SMS Comments:Having an accurate system for scheduling future appointments was major for me and it works fantastic!. I'm starting to use email communications for marketing of which the support staff are sooo helpful with! The sales, support, technical staff are all awesome! Very organized & prompt with handling questions or any problem!ProsIts ability to track and accurately predict future service dates with complete customization control of all service fields so we can set our own intervals for our customers! Positive response from our customers on the easy to comprehend information format. Information on customers, vehicles and service history is faster and easier to access than from my SMS. Phone text messaging capability to customers, etc, etc!ConsThat they didn't create it or I didn't find out about it sooner, haha! My use so far since starting over a year ago has had access limited to only my shop computer(s) but that is going to change very soon!

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Still the Best Comments:I have been with eServiceIntelligenceCRM since there were doing CRM for Mitchell years and years ago. eServiceIntelligenceCRM has continuously outpaced the competition and keeps making their product better every year. I tried out Mitchell's new CRM for several months a few years ago (as soon as I switched my customers started complaining that they weren't getting their service reminders anymore or that they were inaccurate) and I came right back to eServiceIntelligenceCRM because it is the better product. I have looked at DemandForce and multiple others and they just can't do what eServiceIntelligenceCRM does. If you want the best, go with eServiceIntelligenceCRM.ProsAccuracy, controlling the targeted marketing campaignsConsDoes not have customer portal where customers can log in and see their service history, need more graphic options for campaigns, wish it would print the reports for customers as soon as I start a repair order

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Excellent sales tool Comments:I have used Service Intelligence for years now. It has been my experience that the customers love to see there entire history in an to read format that shows them where they stand with the maintenance of their car. This knowledge helps them to feel like an active participant in their own vehicle's servicing without having to feel dependent on their service adviser's sole opinion. I have found this helps drives sales. The customer have even come to me asking for different services without us even making a call. The secondary benefit to me is the technicians save time checking over a car if they can see certain thing have been done recently. They don't waste time checking those items.

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software is very good Comments:customer service has been excellent getting our management system integrated

Service Intelligence CRM delivers exactly as promised! Service Intelligence CRM delivers exactly as promised. Accurate service recommendations based on actual parts installed and labor performed adjusted to each vehicles’ daily usage. Your support is very responsive too. We have been able to tweak our SI system so that it tracks recurring maintenance the way I want it tracked. When DemandForce and Mitchell 1 CRM call me to ask me why I canceled their services, I tell them what you are doing for me and they go quiet and tell me “we don’t do that”. I am delighted with Service Intelligence.

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Fantastic Comments:System helps a busy shop like ours be on top of marketing internally to our customers, as well as helping with Point of Sale when car is in the shop. Very pleased with product.

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David Hernandez President of Los Gatos Auto Service inc Comments:Service was very friendly and works with you. Multiple training systems. There on hands training was enough to get you started. Quick return phone calls when we didn't understand parts of software. After installation we were running the software the same day. ProsLooking for sales tools for my automotive shop. Found SI and loving missed sales opportunities. Works with multiple platforms. Easy to use software. Positive Customer response of product. Easy sales increase with repair orders. ConsThat I didn't know sooner.

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System works as it should. Very good for service advisors Comments: Software integrates with our system very well. Keeps accurate information about each customers vehicles. Increases customer satisfaction and also it increases their confidence in us. Also very good for the service advisors to facilitate maintenance sales

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Great customer service team Comments:Prosthe automation of the program, the available customization and the customer service parts of the program are excellentConsnot enough automatic feedback from the service Intelligence dashboard, it shouldn't be difficult for SI to send emails showing updates

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You guys make the phones ring, that is what I needed! ServiceIntelligence is working great. The service tracking is great. I found minor accuracy issues we can work around. “My customers are getting used to it and calling asking, got your email and why do I have stuff in the red? I tell them, bring it in and we will find out!” You guys make the phones ring, that is what I needed. Then we take it from there. ServiceIntelligence is much better than DemandForce and 10 times better than MechanicNet!

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Fantastic service Comments:ProsThis service is NOT a bill to pay every month. SI is a direct investment into my business though the many campaigns I can run to put dollars in my pocket. SI lets me pinpoint the customers specifically in need of the service I'm promoting. This stops the waste in little advertizing budgets. I can get more from every campaign instead of using costly shotgun style blanket campaigns.ConsThere is not much I can say to the negative side. The only thing that comes to mind was the way I use my own management system did not match up to the way Service Intelligence curated the information. This severely limited the features I was able to use in SI. However after some time spent with the service staff they were able to re-code their program to fit my needs perfectly

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