How is it possible in this day and age with all the technology available to us…

That we cannot age our recurring service data for our customers?

Can you imagine that the standard Shop Management Systems used by the Auto Repair Industry today, do not offer this data mining feature?

Of course, many of them will try to convince you that they have this, but they absolutely do not.  If they insist that they do, then just ask them if they could please let you know when your wife’s or husband’s car is due for its next transmission flush, cabin filter change or timing belt?  They will not be able to tell you.

That is because they offer generic manufacturer-recommended service intervals and maintenance.

There is not one of your customers who drives their car, or has their car serviced exactly according to those parameters.  Everybody drives different distances daily, everybody has different road conditions upon which they drive, everybody does not always comply with each service maintenance when due…, in effect,

Year, Make, Model recommendations are completely bogus, quite frankly.

Service Intelligence is the only data mining add-on that can give you this level of scientific accuracy and predictive analysis.  We have built an exclusive auto industry “language” and data dictionary for the computer to read, find and identify each line item in the vehicle’s service history, and we calculate the results by using the daily mileage driven by each specific customer.

We are talking about spot-on, exact, completely transparent and accurate service recommendations.

If I take my 2015 Toyota Camry to my mechanic, and tell him I drive 80 miles per day in the heat and traffic of the city, and I send him my best friend who also has a 2015 Toyota Camry who drives 15 miles per day to and from her country home on a dirt road, our service recommendations using Service Intelligence will be completely different – and our cars are exactly the same year, make and model!

However, if we use mechanic down the street, who DOES NOT have Service Intelligence, and only offers the Toyota recommended service maintenance schedule for our 2 cars, then we would be put on exactly the same maintenance schedule of intervals and check-ups.  Now, which mechanic would you rather be?  No question, right?  Who is going to have the happier, more loyal and better-serviced customers?

Do yourself the biggest favor in 2018 – something just for you and your team

Try 30-days free of Service Intelligence, without obligation – let us work with you to show you how to turn around your business.

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eServiceIntelligence "Auto Care Made Easy", previously licensed and distributed under the Mitchell1™ and Snap-On™, adds machine intelligent CRM that mimics service-writer maintenance tracking. It is designed for automotive service computer systems like Mitchell1 Manager™/Shop Key™, R.O. Writer™, AllData™, MaxxTraxx™, Costar™, Lankar™, PACE Yes™, NapaTracs™, and others. No data entry required.


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